Vigilant eyes of the Russian Navy

The nation’s authority, its «weight» in resolving world’s problems depends, in many respects, on the state and the level of development or the Russian Navy. Russia is one of the few countries in the world enjoying the status of a great sea power, and maintaining this status under heavy economic conditions in the transition period is a hard but necessary task.

The continuing scaling down of the Navy has to be compensated for by ships’ increased capabilities, a higher level of their state-of-the-art weapons and equipment. This is quite clear for the staff at the Federal State Unitary Enterprise «State Moscow Plant «Salyut».

«Salyut» is a unique enterprise, and its uniqueness is not only due to the fact that all large and medium-size ships of the Russian Navy are equipped with the latest radar stations designed and produced at this enterprise. The «Salyut» Plant also embodies the history of naval radiolocation in this country, from early «Pegmatit» and «Redan» ship radar systems made at «Salyut»; its first products, «Giuis-2» and «Rubka» radar stations, to the most advanced and highly intelligent 3D radar stations notable for their great capabilities. Their quality standards are so high that one may not find analogous systems in the world. Not only Russian but also foreign experts highly evaluate radar aids designed and produced at the «Salyut» Plant.

Among the Plant’s major customers are not only Russian enterprises but also Indian and Chinese ones. The Plant is the «Russia’s Labour Glory-2000» All-Russian Competition Prize winner. It has been registered in the «Russia’s Gold Book». The «Zolotaya Fortuna» («Golden Fortune») award is also a strong evidence of its growing international authority.

The steady economic status of the enterprise allows it to pay taxes opportunely, to pay wages, and to do advanced research and development work. The Plant successfully resolves social problems concerning having meals at work, health service and recreation facilities.

What are the «Salyut» Plant’s products today? First of all, there are new generation radar aids, such as the «Podberiozovik»-type early-warning radar systems and the «Fregat»-type general-purpose jam-resistant radar stations. They involve the latest research concepts and most effective and advanced engineering solutions. These radar systems are integrated with the ship’s «Poima»-type data processing and target designation systems which, by the way, have also been made at the «Salyut» Plant. Computer-aided working places equipped with open architecture computers having color high-resolution screens and compatible with well-known IBM PC, ensure long-range target detection, automatic target tracking, target distribution and target designation, with the data transferred to the ship’s weapon systems in automatic or semiautomatic mode.

Besides, there is a personnel training mode, and all incoming data is documented.

All radar stations are highly resistant to natural noise, active and passive jamming. It is for the first time that shipborne radars feature adaptive multipath antijammers, which essentially increase the probability of detecting surface and air targets in complicated disturbance environment. Their reliability, high performance capabilities and reasonable cost have been estimated at their true worth by Russian seamen and other world’s leading sea powers, including India and China.

There have already appeared several modified versions of radar systems that can detect and track «stealth» aircraft. And next generation radar systems which are yet to be developed will be able to provide data, being resistant to both present and future ECM.

The authority of the state it is «weight» in the solution of the world’s problems depends on the condition mainly and also depends on the level of development of the Naval Navy. Russia is one of the not many countries of the world, which has a status of great sea power and saves it in difficult economic conditions of transition period.

The staff of federal state unitary enterprise «State Moscow plant «Salyut» (FSUE «SMP «Salyut») is in the conditions of permanent perfection of armament are working under increasing of the level of battle opportunities of ships and under the level of their equipment with modern techniques.

FSUE «SMP «Salyut» — is the unique enterprise. The unique is that the level of developments is so high that often there are no analogs in the world. This acknowledge our and foreign specialists, who give a high evaluation of radar’s systems and stations, which are developed and produced on the «SMP «Salyut». About increase of international authority is evidence the rating certificate of degree «Golden Fortune», the plant became the laureate of All-Russian competition «Russia’s Labour Glory-2000», and it also put down in «Russia’s Gold Book». Almost all medium and big ships of Russia Navy are equipped with the up to date radar’s complexes, which are developed and produced on the enterprise «SMP «Salyut». «Salyut» personifies the history of ship’s radar in our country — from the first produced ship’s stations «Pegmatit» and «Redan», first developments of the «Salyut»- stations «Giuis-2» and «Rubka», up-to-the-minute Radar’s with high level of intelligence and wide opportunities. Among the big customers are not only Russian enterprises, but also China, India.

Stable economic position of the enterprise is let to study with available researches and with developments, to solve social problems of enterprise’s staff successfully.

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